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The primary responsibility of the Lee County Coroner’s Office is to determine and certify the cause and manner of death of those who have died in Lee County or in instances which the events related to a persons death originated in Lee County.


The coroner and all appointed staff have authority granted by Code of Alabama, 1975, § 11-5-1, et seq.; § 45-41-6; et al.


The Coroner and/or a Deputy Coroner are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Death Investigations

The Lee County Coroner’s Office investigates all sudden and unexpected deaths, especially those that occur under violent or suspicious circumstances. The following examples are a few of the many different types of deaths that maybe investigated by the Lee County Coroner’s Office:

  • Persons who died from a disease that may constitute a threat to the health of the general public
  • Persons who died from violence, an unexplained cause, or under suspicious circumstances
  • Persons who died and no physician was in attendance, or where, though in attendance, the physician is unable to certify the cause of death
  • Persons who died while in the custody of law enforcement officials or while incarcerated in a public institution
  • Persons who died suddenly and were in apparent good health
  • Persons who died in a hospital less than 24 hours after admission
  • Persons who death is suspected to be related to intoxication by drugs and/or alcohol
  • Persons who death is due to neglect or suspected neglect
  • Any death of an infant or child without an established significant pre-existing condition


Not all death investigations result in an Autopsy being performed. The decision to order an autopsy is made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with our Law Enforcement Partners and the Lee County District Attorney based upon the circumstances of the death. Autopsies are performed by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences Montgomery Medical Facility. Additonal information about ADFS can be found here

Private Autopsy

Individual's or Family's wishing to have a private autoposy performed can find a list of providers here

Death Certificates

Once they are finalized, death certificates may be obtained from any County Health Department in Alabama. Additional information is available from the Alabama Department of Public Health here

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In memory of Bill Harris, for 24+ years of selfless, faithful, and dedicated service to the
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